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Perlite Ontario’s team has up to date knowledge, determination and hard work is as usual demonstrating its prowess in execution of unique projects. Due to its fine characteristics, Perlite is playing an important role in developing products, industries and economy by handling top construction projects.

Minimization of Waste

Perlite does not create by-products during processing; only the physical form is altered. Expanded perlite ships in bulk trucks or in re-usable bulk bags wherever possible to minimize packaging waste and reduce the impact on landfills. Products are made from all particle sizes and densities making Perlite an efficient. “no waste” industrial mineral.

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Perlite Ontario specializes in the transformation, distribution and sale of Perlite and vermiculite, minerals used in the horticultural and industrial sectors.
Ontario customers can now contact Us at 416-388-4880 or email

We are dedicated to providing the very best quality of Perlite to our customers.

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